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60 Website Designing Videos. More than 52 Hours of Website Designing Content. 1 Brand New Website Designing video every day for the next 60 days directly in your inbox.

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What will i learn?
  • become certified website designer

Curriculum for this course
75 Lessons 16:53:24 Hours
Week 1
8 Lessons 01:16:11 Hours
  • Website Designing Course Day 1 00:06:37
  • Website Designing Course Day 2 00:12:34
  • Website Designing Course Day 3 00:10:01
  • Website Designing Course Day 4 00:08:33
  • Website Designing Course Day 4.2 00:01:14
  • Website Designing Course Day 5 00:14:12
  • Website Designing Course Day 6 00:09:57
  • Website Designing Course Day 7 00:13:03
  • Website Designing Course Day 8 00:17:24
  • Website Designing Course Day 9 00:12:31
  • Website Designing Course Day 10 00:08:27
  • Website Designing Course Day 11 00:12:03
  • Website Designing Course Day 12 00:11:33
  • Website Designing Course Day 13 00:16:15
  • Website Designing Course Day 14 00:16:00
  • Website Designing Course Day 15 00:09:32
  • Website Designing Course Day 16 00:08:00
  • Website Designing Course Day 17 00:22:53
  • Website Designing Course Day 18 00:20:16
  • Website Designing Course Day 19 00:27:05
  • Website Designing Course Day 20 00:11:34
  • Website Designing Course Day 21 00:10:07
  • Website Designing Course Day 22 00:18:59
  • Website Designing Course Day 23 00:48:24
  • Website Designing Course Day 24 00:27:24
  • Website Designing Course Day 25 00:33:26
  • Website Designing Course Day 26 00:41:08
  • Website Designing Course Day 27 00:19:54
  • Website Designing Course Day 28 00:15:23
  • Website Designing Course Day 29 00:13:04
  • Website Designing Course Day 30 00:13:49
  • Website Designing Course Day 31 00:15:36
  • Website Designing Course Day 32 00:10:07
  • Website Designing Course Day 33 00:15:36
  • Website Designing Course Day 34 00:28:07
  • Website Designing Course Day 35 00:15:36
  • Website Designing Course Day 36 00:37:10
  • Website Designing Course Day 37 00:13:13
  • Website Designing Course Day 38 00:13:00
  • Website Designing Course Day 39 00:27:58
  • Website Designing Course Day 40 00:17:25
  • Website Designing Course Day 41 00:10:44
  • Website Designing Course Day 42 00:09:26
  • Website Designing Course Day 43 00:04:37
  • Website Designing Course Day 44 00:07:46
  • Website Designing Course Day 45 00:13:27
  • Website Designing Course Day 46 00:09:22
  • Website Designing Course Day 47 00:16:35
  • Website Designing Course Day 48 00:08:02
  • Website Designing Course Day 49 00:15:23
  • Website Designing Course Day 50 00:22:38
  • Website Designing Course Day 51 00:10:51
  • Website Designing Course Day 52 00:22:54
  • Website Designing Course Day 53 00:07:33
  • Website Designing Course Day 54 00:08:03
  • Website Designing Course Day 55 00:19:38
  • Website Designing Course Day 56 00:19:00
  • Website Designing Course Day 57 00:35:32
  • Website Designing Course Day 58 00:24:00
  • Website Designing Course Day 59 00:16:39
  • Website Designing Course Day 60 00:14:27
  • Test Video 00:11:37
  • AR Forms
  • Be Theme
  • Divi Theme
  • Elementor Pro Plugin
  • Paytm Payment gateway
  • Impreza Theme
  • Mango Wordpress Theme
  • Newspaper Theme
  • Salient Theme
  • Wordpress Automatic Plugin
  • Yoast Seo Plugin
  • WP Rocket Plugin
  • WP Schema Pro Plugin
  • doer
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Here is what you get when you enroll in the course Right Now:-

60 Website Designing Videos.

  • More than 52 Hours of Website Designing Content. 1 Brand New Website Designing video every day for the next 60 days directly in your inbox.

Certification of Completion.(No one provides this in Rs 599)

  • After Completing this course you will get the Certification of completion, which means you will be certified website designer and it will increase your chances to get job in any of the reputed company.
  • Everything in One Course Be it HTML, Javascript, CSS And WordPress
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  • Thu, 27-Feb-2020
    Ramesh Nag Ramesh Nag
  • Fri, 28-Feb-2020
    Chhatray Hansdah Chhatray Hansdah
    This course very good for learning online from your mobile
  • Fri, 28-Feb-2020
    Prabhat Rawal Prabhat Rawal
  • Sat, 29-Feb-2020
  • Mon, 02-Mar-2020
    Srestha Ghosh
    Awesome Support
  • Mon, 02-Mar-2020
    Ramshankar Ramshankar
  • Thu, 05-Mar-2020
    sohil mn
  • Fri, 06-Mar-2020
    gaurav narula
    Very nice course sir. it has helped me alot in my career
  • Fri, 06-Mar-2020
    GOPAL Prajapati GOPAL Prajapati
  • Sun, 08-Mar-2020
    Krishna Chaithanya Udayagiri
    Such a professional trainings given in hindi. I paid the amount for the web design to get the training in English. Not in a native language or in mother tongue. I don't know hindi at all. How to understand the course?
  • Tue, 10-Mar-2020
    Ajhar Shaikh
  • Wed, 11-Mar-2020
  • Wed, 11-Mar-2020
    Milan Mahanta
    Need details explanation in this course.
  • Wed, 11-Mar-2020
  • Thu, 12-Mar-2020
    Sanjay yadav
    Amazing videos published by GuruSkool but I request to GuruSkool that also advised Website design book for better help. Thanks GuruSkool
  • Thu, 12-Mar-2020
    Himanshu Shekher Himanshu Shekher
    Pretty better education then other
  • Tue, 28-Jul-2020
    Abhishek kumar gupta
    very bad picture quality unable to read ,video quality below 144p in pc
  • Sat, 14-Mar-2020
  • Sat, 14-Mar-2020
    Mehzabeen khan
    I m very happy it's very helpful my carrier
  • Sun, 15-Mar-2020
    Raghuveer Sharma
  • Sun, 15-Mar-2020
    Syed samad
    it will help to build my future in web designing
  • Sun, 15-Mar-2020
    Rajbir Singh
  • Mon, 16-Mar-2020
  • Fri, 20-Mar-2020
    Moin mohammed
  • Thu, 26-Mar-2020
  • Sun, 22-Mar-2020
    nirav asher
    Nice videos and good step by step teaching by Sir
  • Sun, 22-Mar-2020
    Dinesh Kumar
    It is very handy to who really want to learn web designing
  • Sun, 22-Mar-2020
    Mahesh Thorve
    teach in a very straightforward and easy way and understand quickly thank your shashank sir
  • Sun, 22-Mar-2020
    Good Teaching Sir
  • Mon, 23-Mar-2020
    अभी तो सुरुवात है
  • Wed, 25-Mar-2020
    it,s an great teaching school.I learn a lot till today.I love
  • Wed, 25-Mar-2020
    Excellent course. Your this little investment will make you more profitable.
  • Thu, 26-Mar-2020
    Dakoji Sai tarun
  • Thu, 26-Mar-2020
    ShreeKrushna Shinde
    Learn lot of things from the video
  • Thu, 11-Jun-2020
    This is best option for beginners. Your join now.
  • Fri, 27-Mar-2020
    Rohit yadav
  • Fri, 27-Mar-2020
  • Sat, 28-Mar-2020
    Shibnath Mondal
  • Sat, 28-Mar-2020
    Mohit Narjinary
    Sir video is great but video quality is very low.
  • Sat, 28-Mar-2020
    Ramesh Kumar
  • Sat, 28-Mar-2020
    html course is not complete. Login, password page creation, Button, slide bars, frames, graphics not covered. English usage to be better. 50% of classes is creation of website only. Each video explanation can be reduced to 50% by restricting to the concept only. Overall. Worth for money paid.
  • Sun, 29-Mar-2020
    Rangu Akhil
  • Sun, 29-Mar-2020
  • Mon, 30-Mar-2020
    This is awesome course and the Trainer Shashank has really simplified the training for everyone to easily understand :)
  • Mon, 30-Mar-2020
    Amazing explaination and amazing session
  • Mon, 30-Mar-2020
    Anup raj
    Hello Guru School and Sir With this video that I am doing daily class, I am very hopeful that I will be able to do something good in the coming time. I have been wanting to do this course for a long time and for this I went to many institutes but due to the high fees of the course, I could not do this course, then I also searched on YouTube but I could not find anything that I want Was. Then I came to know about your school and when I went to your website, I was amazed to see the fee of this course there. Then I registered on this course and now I have watched 18 videos of this course and it is helping me a lot. Thank you very much to Guru School, all faculty members of Guru School and Shashank Sir.
  • Mon, 30-Mar-2020
    soumodeep roy
    HTML guide is incomplete... we didn't learn about all the important tags only some few tags were explained...
  • Mon, 30-Mar-2020
    Shweta Srivastava
  • Tue, 31-Mar-2020
    Akash Barman
    It is simple and easy to understand and learn
  • Wed, 01-Apr-2020
    Pratik shinde
    Please send me the hard copy of course
  • Thu, 02-Apr-2020
    Akhilesh kumar singj Akhilesh kumar singj
    its ok
  • Fri, 03-Apr-2020
    yadav ajay kumar
  • Mon, 27-Jul-2020
    Tanmay choudhary
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Aashiq Kumar Ray
  • Sun, 12-Apr-2020
    Sunil Kumar Ghanghat Sunil Kumar Ghanghat
    मैंने सारे वीडियो देख लिए है परन्तु मेरा सर्टिफिकेट अभी तक इनेबल नही हुआ में अपना सर्टिफिकेट केसे प्राप्त करू कृपया करके मेरी मदद करे धन्यवाद
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Rishabh jain
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Abhishek kumar Prabhakar
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    That's to good to understand
  • Sun, 05-Apr-2020
    Shailendra Kumar
  • Sun, 05-Apr-2020
    Dristi M Bafna
  • Sun, 05-Apr-2020
    Anthony Hembrom
    First of all it's good opportunities for all the course sickker in this lockdown.
  • Sun, 05-Apr-2020
  • Mon, 06-Apr-2020
    Chhavi Sharma Chhavi Sharma
  • Thu, 23-Apr-2020
    Not good screenplay for website designinging class And so many dout are not clear
  • Mon, 06-Apr-2020
    Tanmay Sood
    Nice Teaching sir. I love Guru skool & giving us such good Website Designing Course in Low cost . I am special & so much thankful to Guru skool to giving this course in low cost. Excellent Course & Easy to Learn . Thank you so much Guru skool & there staff for teaching us
  • Wed, 08-Apr-2020
    Binandi Karmakar
  • Wed, 08-Apr-2020
    Sabyasachi behera
  • Fri, 24-Apr-2020
  • Thu, 09-Apr-2020
    Rajinder Maini Rajinder Maini
    Excellent work by Shashank sir, he could be a little more clear in terms of Links. Specially linking of css and html files. Ecommerce section was by far the most attractive. A few more examples of payment gateways shall make it more attractive. I wish Guruskool a very best in carrying out this huge task. Rajinder Maini.
  • Thu, 09-Apr-2020
    Abdul Basit
  • Thu, 09-Apr-2020
    Khalandar Azad
  • Fri, 10-Apr-2020
  • Fri, 10-Apr-2020
    Md Nadeem Akhter
  • Fri, 10-Apr-2020
    Mathew Marandi
  • Fri, 10-Apr-2020
    Divya Tiwari
  • Thu, 16-Apr-2020
    Amit kumar
  • Sat, 11-Apr-2020
    Mazhar Khan
    Nice Course
  • Sat, 11-Apr-2020
    Ashwini kumar verma
    Teaching method is best but some things is none
  • Sat, 11-Apr-2020
  • Sun, 12-Apr-2020
    Rohit Kumar
  • Sun, 12-Apr-2020
    Juhi Srivastava
  • Sun, 12-Apr-2020
    Rajshree J
  • Mon, 13-Apr-2020
    Zakir Husain Borbhuyan
  • Mon, 13-Apr-2020
    Swapnil Jha
  • Mon, 13-Apr-2020
    Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar
    Not satisfied material too basic
  • Mon, 13-Apr-2020
    Sk Abdulla
  • Tue, 14-Apr-2020
    Rohit Sharma
    Simple and understandable course
  • Tue, 14-Apr-2020
    Bishal Halder
  • Wed, 15-Apr-2020
    Vinit Kumar Kurra
  • Sat, 18-Apr-2020
    Parmanand Vishwakarma
    Thank you GuruSkool and Shashank sir
  • Sat, 18-Apr-2020
    Anup Pillai
  • Sun, 19-Apr-2020
    Mohd Raheem
  • Mon, 20-Apr-2020
    Dr Yogendra Kumar
    It's good thing if proceed further with technical support by expertise
  • Mon, 20-Apr-2020
    Prashant chavan
  • Tue, 21-Apr-2020
    Nandan Kumar
    Really very good platform to learn webpage designers for beginners.
  • Wed, 22-Apr-2020
    Ashish Tiwari
  • Wed, 29-Jul-2020
    Grapsalon M Sangma
  • Wed, 29-Apr-2020
  • Wed, 22-Apr-2020
  • Wed, 22-Apr-2020
    Diban kumar
    Poor video quality,
  • Fri, 24-Apr-2020
    Pratik bapu ade
  • Fri, 24-Apr-2020
    Dipta Seuj Gogoi
  • Sun, 26-Apr-2020
  • Sun, 26-Apr-2020
    Nagendra Prajapati Nagendra Prajapati
    Excellent online course Advance wordpress website Design.
  • Mon, 18-May-2020
    BE CAREFUL, ITS A true advertisment.
  • Tue, 28-Apr-2020
    Neelam Jain
    Good and useful course. Very well explained.
  • Tue, 28-Apr-2020
  • Wed, 29-Apr-2020
    Yogyata upadhyay
  • Thu, 30-Apr-2020
    Mustafiz rahaman sk
    very bad
  • Fri, 15-May-2020
    Prafulla Kumar Singh
    सिखाने की विधि बहुत ही अच्छी है। कम समय में कार्योन्मुख ज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ। धन्यवाद !
  • Sat, 02-May-2020
  • Sat, 02-May-2020
    Pankaj Baidya
    I can understand what they tech us up to now I have completed my two week
  • Sat, 02-May-2020
    nehtinmang haokip
    if you explain in English will be very good for every one, but I fell difficult to understand in Hindi.
  • Sun, 03-May-2020
    Ninad Yogendra Mishra
    I haveNo word to say
  • Sun, 03-May-2020
    nice course
  • Mon, 04-May-2020
  • Mon, 04-May-2020
    Vishal Rawat
    Your sir teaching is awesome aapne bahut achhe se padhaya thank you so much sir
  • Mon, 04-May-2020
    Nitin Verma
  • Mon, 04-May-2020
    Raman Baghel
  • Tue, 05-May-2020
    It's a outstanding course given by Guru
  • Tue, 19-May-2020
    Kunal paliwal
    Superb explanation
  • Tue, 05-May-2020
    Sanchit Jeena
    Good way of learning
  • Tue, 05-May-2020
    Sparsh sharma
  • Tue, 05-May-2020
    Prasad Teli
  • Tue, 05-May-2020
    Attaulla wani
    very good for beginers step wise instructions
  • Wed, 06-May-2020
    Jinia Bhattacharya
  • Thu, 07-May-2020
    Krishnendu Das
  • Thu, 07-May-2020
    Shreenath Shetty
    Course is Excellent. And Mr. Shashank sir, given excellent teaching, Thanks sir. we need to practice the lessons
  • Fri, 08-May-2020
    Jaleel Ahmed
  • Sun, 10-May-2020
    Devinder Singh nanrhey
    there are some content missing like you content like how to contact html file server
  • Sun, 10-May-2020
    Sachin Mahamuni
  • Sun, 10-May-2020
    Indrajit Debnath
  • Mon, 11-May-2020
    Durga shankar
    Its very usefull and great teaching faculty
  • Tue, 12-May-2020
    Deeksha Salaria
    Excellent classes.
  • Tue, 12-May-2020
    Manisha paul
  • Tue, 12-May-2020
    Shadab Alam
  • Thu, 14-May-2020
  • Mon, 18-May-2020
    Sanjeev Kulkarni
    The teacher is teaching us in very simple and understandable language.
  • Sat, 18-Jul-2020
    Manokamna Singh
    Quality of video lecture are not good.
  • Mon, 18-May-2020
    Sunil Dogra
    Thanks alot for creating such a wonderful course.
  • Wed, 27-May-2020
  • Sat, 23-May-2020
    Govind Rajendra Kalgaonkar
    Amazing But I Like It Very Much
  • Wed, 20-May-2020
    Sivakumar S
    It was very happy to have a master like shashank sir the way he teach each and every step in easy way to understand, and i have some basic ideas before joining class but after completing the class I got full knowledge , experience and ideas by class . I was every great full to learn for guruskool .. TQ u guruskool and iam a final year student it will help me to set this web designing as my career in future......... TQ
  • Thu, 21-May-2020
    Pankaj Thakur
  • Thu, 21-May-2020
    Varun Arora
    good job team
  • Thu, 21-May-2020
    Pankaj Gupta
    nice for this course
  • Fri, 22-May-2020
    Rajni Kant Garg
  • Fri, 22-May-2020
  • Fri, 22-May-2020
    Prabhakar Singh
  • Sat, 23-May-2020
  • Sat, 23-May-2020
    Saurabh Srivastava
    Good info shared by GURUSKOOL... REALLY THANKS
  • Sun, 24-May-2020
    Ankur Singh
    Give my certificate
  • Sat, 13-Jun-2020
    Deepak shravan
  • Mon, 25-May-2020
    Mukesh suathi
    wow this web site very well
  • Tue, 26-May-2020
    Also great
  • Wed, 27-May-2020
    SANDIP Baban Jadhav
    Guru skool Not support if any problems in learning, i already post in Facebook page
  • Wed, 27-May-2020
    Shailendra Kumar Rai
    teaching method is very good and easy for understanding content.
  • Sun, 31-May-2020
    Taufique Ahmed
  • Sun, 31-May-2020
    Gurwinder Singh
    Good Teaching sir
  • Sun, 31-May-2020
    mahesh kumar
  • Mon, 01-Jun-2020
    Majikhan ilamkhan Mutva
  • Tue, 02-Jun-2020
    One of the best Web Designing Course. Concepts are explained clearly without any rush. I suggest the one who have a interest towords this course must buy this course its very helpful
  • Tue, 02-Jun-2020
    Mridul Konwar
  • Tue, 02-Jun-2020
    Ashutosh Kumar Jha
    Clear all concept with audio & video
  • Wed, 03-Jun-2020
    Ritesh Kumar
    This plate form is really fantastic. I did not know anything about HTML.But now I have learnt WEBSITE DESIGNING. you teaching way is really very easy. Anyone can learn but But follown teacher's instructions. And watch video step by step.Thanks to Guruskool .
  • Wed, 03-Jun-2020
    Ashis Chakraborty
  • Wed, 03-Jun-2020
    Mehvash Ahmed
    Good initiative. Excellent work and detailed explanation is been given. I suggest all to consider guruskool.
  • Wed, 03-Jun-2020
  • Fri, 05-Jun-2020
    Tushar Pradhan
    Very nice course
  • Fri, 05-Jun-2020
    Anand Purohit
    It is not a good course not any use
  • Sat, 06-Jun-2020
  • Sat, 06-Jun-2020
  • Sun, 07-Jun-2020
    Ravi Shankar Ojha
    Excellent couching in field of website designing.
  • Mon, 08-Jun-2020
    Pushpkant ray
  • Tue, 09-Jun-2020
    Karishma Singh
  • Wed, 10-Jun-2020
    Manish kumar
    Very nice and fruitful course .
  • Wed, 10-Jun-2020
  • Thu, 11-Jun-2020
    Sougata Ghosh
    Very good
  • Thu, 11-Jun-2020
    Naveen gupta
    Excellent. You should make courses on other programming language s
  • Thu, 11-Jun-2020
    Jagtar Singh
    Good experience
  • Thu, 11-Jun-2020
  • Fri, 12-Jun-2020
    Masood Siddiqui
    It was a good session for non computer language individual and help full in understanding the beginner course of webdesigning. Thanks.
  • Fri, 12-Jun-2020
    Pranali gopal Agrawal
  • Sat, 13-Jun-2020
  • Sun, 14-Jun-2020
    Dhrubajyoti Choudhury
  • Mon, 15-Jun-2020
    Vijay Shivram Wakchaure
  • Tue, 16-Jun-2020
    Rajendra Lawangare
    Nicely explained in Hindi Very informative and useful. Thanks
  • Wed, 11-Nov-2020
    Atharva saskar
    I am Prashant Saskar its very motivational, equation and helping vedio thank you so much
  • Wed, 17-Jun-2020
    Tarun pal
  • Wed, 17-Jun-2020
    Ankit Raj bahadur Singh
    I'm learning very easily
  • Wed, 24-Jun-2020
    Kaushal Kumar
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    Raju kumar
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    Kapil alwani
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    Kaivalya kailash pujari
  • Tue, 08-Sep-2020
    Vivek Lakamanayak
    Content mai kitna bhi Diamond bhara ho, ya kitni bhi mehnat karke course aapne banaya ho, lekin kisi bhi wajah se ham us course ko dekh tak nhi sakte to hamare liye to only Raddiiii or kabad k barabar hai, Mere dono course k pese waste gaye hai. Only Guruskool ki services ghatiya hone ki wajah se. Bhot frusted kiya hai, yaha na to koi download option hai, na hi resolution kam jayda ka option hai, na hi 10 sec forward and backword ka option available hai. Jisko purchase karne wala accesses nhi kar pa raha hai watch nhi kar pa raha hai, us content ko bhala kon sa Chor aakar apne ko amir bana lega. Ek dam wrost services. Mere Youtube video or other internet video achhe se smoothly chal rahe hai lekin in course mai pata nhi inhone kese banaya hai. Y Guruskool wale hi jane. Thankew so much mujhe lootne k liye or nirash, disappointed karne k liy, or jis hope se y course purchase kiya tha us hope ko Khatam karne k liy. Again Thankew.
  • Tue, 23-Jun-2020
  • Tue, 23-Jun-2020
    Pallavi jeswani
    It's very good certificate course
  • Tue, 23-Jun-2020
    Ujjwal Kant lave
  • Wed, 24-Jun-2020
    Prateek sharma
  • Thu, 25-Jun-2020
    Navnath Pandurang Mundhe
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    kamlesh mistry
    very easy to learn online wed design in Hindi version
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    Sananda sahu
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  • Sun, 28-Jun-2020
    Joydeb Roy
    It's really good for those who want to learn web designing for easy way. If you don't have any coding skill you will learn it very easy. Thank you sir for this course????????????????
  • Mon, 29-Jun-2020
    Gaurav Bhatt
    Ita a grat work. I apppreciate because its amazing they are teaching in hindi as well.
  • Tue, 30-Jun-2020
    Divyanshu Kashyap
  • Tue, 30-Jun-2020
    Ranjeet kumar yadav
  • Wed, 01-Jul-2020
    Champa Lal Jangid
  • Thu, 02-Jul-2020
    Shashi konwar
    In this 60days course duration I gain a lots of knowledge about coding as well as to develop a E-commerce website and many more things. I really thankful for Guruskool E-learning institute.
  • Thu, 02-Jul-2020
    Ujjwal Kumar
  • Thu, 02-Jul-2020
    Preety Hansda
  • Sun, 12-Jul-2020
    Ajay Singh
    Nice course.
  • Thu, 02-Jul-2020
    Rajat Bhattacharjee
    I couldn't play the video of my course lease help sir or maam
  • Fri, 03-Jul-2020
  • Fri, 03-Jul-2020
    Dhanu Laveena George
  • Sat, 04-Jul-2020
    It is good but if in English it will be more better
  • Sun, 05-Jul-2020
    Abinash Mangaraj
    it is easy to learn
  • Mon, 06-Jul-2020
    Ajay Pal
  • Wed, 08-Jul-2020
    Jitendra singh
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    Lesson are very useful and interesting
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    Chandan Kumar Ravi
    Very good course.
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    AMIT kumar
    Nice teaching
  • Sun, 19-Jul-2020
    K s verma
    Its nicely designed and it has helped me a lot to increase my software knowledge.
  • Mon, 20-Jul-2020
    Nitin Jadhav
    Love the way of your teaching style❤️
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